Monday, July 16, 2018
Excess Inventory Solutions
Idle and slow moving inventory that has accumulated over time, not only occupies valuable warehouse space but it depreciates in value over time.

We offer the following programs to minimize your loss and maximize return on your original investment:
Excess Inventory Acquisition
We purchase your excess material outright in cash for an agreed upon price.
Benefits: Immediate stock write off, free up storage space and fast return on your original investment.
Excess Inventory Consignment

We store your excess inventory in our warehouse while you retain title of ownership. Our staff will proactively market your inventory at a mutually agreed price based on your original cost and our spot market analysis. You can access your inventory at any time shall your needs change.
E- Consignment Inventory
We actively market your inventory while it remains in your warehouse. We purchase it on a line by line basis or as needed.

Please contact us to discuss which program best fits your needs.
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