Sunday, February 17, 2019
About Us
As a forerunner in the independent supply chain, we have complete knowledge of key market segments to provide optimal solutions to our clients. We understand your needs and goals, from shortages and obsolescence to inventory surpluses. We have all the necessary tools and experience to tailor a solution that fits your needs, reduce your procurement cost, solve your problems and enhance your overall profitability.
Brief History
The company was established in Houston, TX in 1993 as Wholesale Computers & Electronics Supply with the principal focus of supplying computer parts for the commercial and industrial sectors. It quickly became a pioneer in building computer sub-assemblies (custom cables, power supplies and memory modules) under contract for the largest U.S. computer manufacturers and systems integrators.
As the markets evolved with offshore manufacturing and consolidations, in 2001 W.C.E.S. merged with Silicon Valley based Alpha-Tech Components, LLC (ATC) to form Alpha-Micro Electronics, a privately held California corporation.
As a highly successful distributor of electronic components and with a solid reputation in the industry, Alpha-Tech Components was the perfect match for W.C.E.S.
By leveraging the solid relationships and vertical market presence of W.C.E.S. with the strong experience in board level component distribution of ATC, Alpha-Micro Electronics has become a leader in the independent distribution and sourcing channels.
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